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Friday, 20 April 2012

A Most Marvellous Wardrobe And The School Below

We are much excited at the moment as our wardrobe in A Most Marvellous Place To Shop is on the move.. we shall soon be at the entrance to the school in a slightly bigger spot with more room to fill with handmade and vintage loveliness..

The School in Most Marvellous is now in full swing with classes for children and adults alike and the response has been really wonderful. Claire is the lovely lady i am working with in the school and it has been brilliant spending time getting the classroom ready and hanging up all our bunting we got quite excited.. all of the lovely items you see on the table are samples of the classes we have been running over the last few weeks..

You can see some of the marvellous work the minis have done which is displayed on the wall in the picture, this was taken some weeks ago and the wall is now covered in creative and imaginative work done by the lovely children who joined us over the Easter holiday for workshops, we had a monster puppet workshop, knitting ,card making, salt dough and even junk modelling, the fun was endless and was such a success that we are now planning an after school craft club to take place every Thursday !

Here's  a guitar any rock star would be proud to own its amazing ! and well done to Zack who made it, its brilliant..

At the moment Claire and i are working out more fun timetables for the June half term with lots of Olympic workshops, and Jubilee themed fun and we shall keep you posted..

In the meantime there is one more picture i would like to share with you..

This little book is very very special to me, it was made by my daughter Sara when she was very young and inside it are lots of lists and drawings of Sara's pretend shop Saracarols, it is full of lovely little treasures drawn and written by my own little treasure so what else could i call us, i just added the word Makes onto the end and here we are, Saracarol Makes...

have a lovely weekend and thanks for stopping by xx